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Qualified Nurse for Home Health Care in treating ALS patients
Girl at the Pediatrician
Patient and Nurse

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Full Coverage PDN Company is to live up to its name for its clients, its families and staff and by delivering what is promised, needed and depended on! The very best life home.

Our clients have serious medical conditions and have bravely chosen to still live at home. With this choice, they have taken on great responsibilities. They depend on us to do our part. For them, our Mission is:

- To never fail our clients

- To deliver the help that is promised and depended on

- To create the best home care experience with respect, care, and compassion

Our Employees have chosen the good work of helping others. They are cherished for this choice and they deserve support and assistance as well. For each employee, our Mission is:

- To be a helping hand, professionally and personally

- To provide opportunity to grow, learn, serve, and excel

- To recognize and value great work

- To create a true team that trusts, helps and cares for each other and it's clients

Our name is our aim.
Reminded every time we hear it,
Recommitted every time we say it.
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